Ego Dissolution Research

An article in my Futurism feed today ...


"Put plainly, the study reveals a bizarre fact about our consciousness: altering one biomolecule in our brains can profoundly alter our subjective ability to perceive ourselves and how we experience the world. One little tweak is what they're looking for that will make us pliable to their agenda.

"Even more provocatively, the study found that the activity levels of glutamate in various brain regions are directly linked to a person’s experience on psilocybin — higher glutamate levels in the medial prefrontal cortex were linked to a negative experience of ego dissolution, while lower levels in the hippocampus were linked to a positive one. And it turns out that psilocybin causes both impacts.

"That’s striking, because colloquially speaking, those findings could point to the neurological difference between a “good trip” and a “bad trip.” " Yes, that's their justification.

"Doctors have found evidence that psilocybin could help treat conditions ranging from anorexia to clinical depression and anxiety — and these first-ever human brain scans could help them understand why, at a biological level, that is."


I advocate staying away from mind-altering substances whenever possible. If you can deal with something with your direct will applied to your consciousness or biology, as in bio-feedback, then choose that.

There are all kinds of traps in using neuro-pharmacology, including addiction (both psychological and neuro-chemical), undisclosed side-effects (fluoride, anyone?), and others.

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