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Although many European descendants live in a very westernised (read Europeanised, read Asgardian-ised) world, we are severely impoverished when it comes to the truth of our heritage.

However, our neighbour, Russia, has many important texts reasonably freely available for researchers and scholars. They are more open-minded about our forbidden past than western scholars.

Now, I don't read, speak, or understand Russian, so I am at considerable disadvantage in accessing the more readily available texts. It doesn't help much that google is highly slanted to returning results curated to your language and culture.

So when I came across this trove of online materials, I was rather excited. And no, not all the books are about Russian Arcana, nor by Russian authors, but I figured that they were still worthy of inclusion based on their esoteric nature, particularly in relation to the forbidden history of this planet.

Email me if you have other recommendations that you'd like to see included.


Valery Dyomin - Nordic Russia

To imagine Russia without the North is the same as Earth without the Sun. A Russian person (and any Russian, too) is nothing without its northern component. To show and prove this is the main task of the present book of Doctor of Philosophy VN Lemina. On the basis of extensive and versatile scientific material, the book substantiates the polar concept of the origin of human civilization. In a fictionalized form, an attempt is made by various forces to use the Hyperborean inheritance for both good and evil purposes. The book is freely transferred from modern and medieval Europe to the distant Hyperborean past and vice versa. The book is addressed to a wide range of readers.

Tatyana Grigorieva - China, Russia and the All-Man

Description and summary of "China, Russia and the All-Man" read free online.

The book of the famous Russian scientist T.P. Grigorieva includes her works of different years in an updated form. The author sets himself the task of showing how Western and Eastern knowledge relate, based on different philosophical postulates.

The reason for the success of Chinese civilization is its reliance on a tradition dating back more than one millennium. It is based on I Ching - "Book of Changes." The wisdom of the ancients made it possible to avoid one-sidedness, to recognize the way to harmony as equilibrium, and not struggle.

The book raises questions about the relationship of a new type of Western science - synergetics - and the most important concept of Eastern tradition - Tao; about the reasons for the rise of Chinese civilization and the absence of this rise in Russia; about the concept of a true All-Man and Western anthropocentrism ...

This book is about the Siberian ancestral home of the Aryans and the great past of the Russian people. It is known for certain that the ancient Caucasians came to Europe several millennia ago and brought with them a special culture, which was the substrate on which Indo-European myths and fairy tales later grew up. On the other hand, bizarre and magical tales and legends of Europeans surprisingly preserved and conveyed to us a real historical layer of the culture of our ancestors.

There is no people on earth who do not have legends about the mysterious country of universal prosperity, which is very difficult to get into. In the East, it is called Shambhala. This book is devoted to the origins of these traditions and the paths leading to this mysterious country. 

The term "Indo-Slavs" is practically unfamiliar to a wide circle of readers. What is an ethnonym established in academic science? Or something completely new, accidentally put into circulation? Or was this name the product of a long search for many scientists? Where, how, when and why could this definition have arisen? And are there any real facts and grounds confirming the existence of the "people of the Indo-Slavs"? The author of this book, the largest Russian indologist N.R. Guseva, a doctor of historical sciences, a recognized authority in the field of research of the past, convincingly proves the existence of common ancestors among the Aryans and Slavs in the Paleolithic era, which confirms the long-standing assertion about the commonality of their residence and consanguinity with the ancestors of the Slavs on Old Russian land, at the source of the Volga.

Candidate of Historical Sciences Yuri Alekseevich Shilov, a researcher at the Institute of Archeology of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR, explores the mounds of the Azov-Black Sea steppes of the 4th-1st millennia BC, which this book talks about. It pays special attention to the reasons for the spread of the customs of “space travel” and “overcoming non-existence”.

The book outlines the path traveled by archeology and linguistics in comprehending one of the most exciting secrets of world history: the formation of the Aryans and their holy book "Rigveda". A significant contribution to the development of this problem was made by Yuri Alekseevich, who was able to decipher the myths laid down by the builders of the "steppe pyramids" in their designs and rites.

Considering the spiritual accomplishments of the ancestors, Yuri Alekseevich constantly wonders about the dialectical connections of the past - present - future. In the "Cosmic Mysteries of the Mounds" of this line are many pages. Emphasizing the lack of reliable data on past visits to the Earth by aliens from outer space, the author reveals the deep relationship of modern cosmonautics with the "prakosmonautics" of the primitive world. This is a new word in the study of the history of culture, which has no analogues in world science.

The book reveals the origins of the popular worldview of the Pyssians, Ukrainians and Belorussians, traces the periodization of paganism: dualistic animism (the cult of vampires and beregin), the cult of fertility deities (Sort and confinement), red dog, red dog. The origin of pagan gods, ideas about the world and the forces that govern them, dating back to the hunting societies of the Paleolithic and Mesolithic, are analyzed. The worldview of ancient farmers of the 4th-3rd millennia BC is studied in detail. e. in the territory of Ukraine and its echoes in the worldview of the Slavs.

The ethnogenesis of the Slavs, sanctuaries, and funeral rites of the Slavs are considered.

In this book, returning to the theme of the reflection of myth in The Bronze Horseman, the researcher seeks to identify the sources of legends about the builder of the city and to trace the process of mythologizing historical reality.

The St. Petersburg myth is culturological. a term denoting a combination of legends and legends associated with the emergence of St. Petersburg and the image of the city in the minds of people and in art. The St. Petersburg myth is closely connected with the history of St. Petersburg and its role in the history of the country. The real events of the emergence of St. Petersburg are overgrown with mythology. images already in the minds of contemporaries. An unprecedented scale of production gave food for the myth of the construction of St. Petersburg from scratch.

Gustav-Theodor Pauli - Ethnographic Description of the Peoples of Russia

This magnificent book, published on the occasion of the 1000th anniversary of Russia and dedicated to Emperor Alexander II, almost immediately after its publication became a bibliographic rarity. In fact, the publication closes the era when a lot of white spots remained on the map of the country, and under the influence of advancing civilization, the centuries-old way of life and national customs have not yet begun to be forgotten.

Theodor Pauli’s artifact book “Ethnographic Description of the Peoples of Russia” completes the 4th volume

Grigory Bazlov - Russian gusli: history and mythology

In the new book “Russian gusli: history and mythology”, candidate of historical sciences, ethnologist, traveler Grigory Nikolayevich Bazlov traces the origin and distribution of Russian pterygoid gusli, considering the instrument not as a device for sound production, but as an ethnocultural phenomenon of a very ancient natural philosophical tradition. The author suggests taking a fresh look at the place of gusli in Russian traditional culture. For the first time, the harp is studied as a vivid mythical and poetic archetype of the Russian people. Wing-shaped gusli are considered as an ethnic marker marking the settlement of the eastern Slavs throughout Eurasia.

The book is addressed to historians, ethnologists, folklorists and all readers interested in the history and tradition of the Russian people.

Martiros Ananikyan - Myths of Armenia

Professor M.A. Ananikyan introduces readers to the complex system of interaction of cultures, because the mythology of Armenians has common roots with many ancient world cultures. Persia, Greece, Rome - a powerful influence of the most vivid world myths, similar archetypes of gods and heroes did not erase the fierce originality of the Armenian people. The mythology of the Armenians, taking in many foreign elements, was able to fuse them in their crucible and give them unique features of a special property. The author talks about the sacred ancient cities, temples, half-forgotten traditions and legends, correlating this colorful pattern with a clear outline of historical events, against which tectonic cultural changes took place.

Stanislav Averkov - How grandmother Ladoga and father Veliky Novgorod forced the Khazar girl Kiev to be a mother to Russian cities

In the book “How Grandma Ladoga and Father Veliky Novgorod made the Khazar damsel Kiev to be a Russian city mother” I had to try to prove with the help of the books of the murdered Oles Buzina and contemporary authors M. Grushevsky that the Ukrainian state “Ukraine-Rus” is an invention of incompetent Lviv historian.

It is also shown that the origin of Ancient Russia occurred between the lakes Ladoga and Ilmen on the banks of the Volkhov River and Ladoga and Veliky Novgorod are directly related to it. What M.S. forgot to mention in his book Grushevsky.

Today it is necessary to emphasize this especially, because in Ukraine Holy Prince Vladimir is officially declared the founder of Ukraine-Rus.

Oles Buzin opposed this. This is probably why he was killed. His books “Dokievskaya Rus” and “The Secret History of Ukraine-Rus” are almost unknown in Russia, but they made a lot of noise in Ukraine. The total circulation of Elderberry's books amounted to many thousands of copies. Still, reader demand was not satisfied. Then there were businessmen who decided to release their clandestine circulation of the book Oles Buzina's Secret History of Ukraine-Russia. He instantly parted. The author sued the “underground” and won the trial.

Edward Kiera - They wrote in clay

The book of the famous American orientalist tells about various aspects of life of the inhabitants of ancient Mesopotamia and about the fascinating work of archaeologists who excavated in Iraq in the 10-30s of our century, about the methods of studying ancient monuments, about the difficulties that archaeologists face, their successes and mistakes.

Elena Korovina - Do We Know Our Favorite Tales? Secrets and secrets of fabulous works. About how fairy tales come to people from the past and present

Here is the second book from the series “Do We Know Our Favorite Tales?” And again, it turned out a collection of best-sellers of the world of fairy tales. Of course, a strict selection had to be carried out - after all, half the works from the compiled list would not be included in the volume of the book. I had to choose, reluctantly. And again the same question arose: do we also know these favorite fairy tales? Are there secrets, riddles, mythical images and comprehensive symbols in them? It turned out - again there is. So, let's talk: about the secrets and secrets of fabulous works; how fairy tales come to people; about how the life of fairy tales changes in time and fairy tales change ... I hope no one doubts that our fairy tales are alive. And if they are also loved, they are ready to tell their stories and help those who read and retell them. Read ...

Julia Siss - Everyday Life of the Greek Gods

The book of French scholars, experts in Hellenic culture, Julia Siss and Marcel Detien leads the reader into a mythological space, into the fascinating world of eternal Olympians, ancient heroes, titans and Greeks themselves of the 7th century BC. e. at the moments of their religious and religious actions. Authors approach well-known Homeric plots from different angles, in many aspects, in the style of dialogical reflection, leaving a place for secrecy, prompting the reader to co-create, argue, search independently, to continue exploring the complex relationships of gods among themselves and with citizens of Greek policies. The rules of the intellectual game, proposed by the authors, require considerable reading effort, counter-work of thought and imagination.

Santi Vedas of Perun

The Santi of the Vedas of Perun (Book of the Wisdom of Perun) is one of the most ancient Slavic-Aryan Holy Traditions preserved by the Guardian Priests of the Old Russian Inglistic Church of the Orthodox Old Believers-Inglings.

Nicholas Nepomniachtchi - The Mysteries of Old Persia

What does the image of a distant and mysterious Persia-Iran associate with a Russian person? First of all, these are kings Cyrus and Darius, who forever entered our memory from the school bench. The sad fate of A. S. Griboedov, who died in Tehran during the diplomatic service, and in connection with this event is the Shah diamond, which inherited a lot in world history. The famous Tehran conference with the participation of three great powers and the construction of the Russian nuclear power plant in Bushehr by Russians. And of course, the Persian cat, carpets and the famous Iranian henna, popular among Soviet women. In our book, we will touch on the historical mysteries of old Persia, read some bright pages from its history and, who knows, maybe we will reveal another secret to humanity ...

Georgy Sidorov - Rock imagining himself gods

More recently, we have all witnessed the disclosure of some secret power, which at ordinary times is not visible to the layman, hidden behind a veil of everyday events. But the events in the Crimea forced this force to show itself with all the evidence. America and the European Union, ruled by it, have invaded the sphere of influence of Russia - Ukraine. Since the time of Atlantis, this force has tried dozens of times to end the descendants of Oriana (Hyperborea), but each time it received a worthy rebuff. How this hostile power to earthlings was born, who controls it, what its goals are and what awaits us ahead of all this you can read in this fascinating book.

The book is printed in the author’s edition

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