The Technology Used By Angels (First Sweep)

I intend this post to be the central reference for all information I can gather about the technology used by the Karistus when they are in Warrior mode. So I'll be updating this post as more information comes to light.

Much material I show here is from this video: First Comes The Light. You'll also learn so much more than just about Angel armour.

(Use this alternative link if the youtube video is removed from public viewing. He does that from time to time. Or you could go to Bitchute.)

An angel platoon will never be dressed the same as each other. Each Karistus being can design their own according to their preferences.

They have multiple battle outfits, designed for specific functions. Some outfits combine functions. They are selected to be worn according to the mission.

Some of the functions of Angel Armour include:
  • Invisibility and/or Camouflage
  • Extra speed, both for planets with and without atmospheres
  • Weaponised 
  • Shapeshifting
  • Fast healing
  • Hologram Creators to make themselves appear much larger than they really are as well as to project different forms and shapes.
  • Energy Generators, to help ships in trouble, for example.
Really, if you think of all the superheroes in the last few decades, Angelic Armour range probably has something similar. 

And to be fair, the 'other' side has them too. Consider Storm Troopers, for example. Except they are more hive mind especially for their frontline troops.  

(Reminder ... what we see on screen is NOT pure fictional entertainment.)

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