Sky Craft & Symbols (March - April 2020)

Skeptics often ask for visual evidence regarding UFO's. The assumption being that there is none, or if it is, it is manufactured. 

But evidence is abundant, and I'll be collecting some on this site.

These highlights are from videos on the MrMBB333 Youtube channel. He posts interesting sky images that folk from around the world send to him. Make sure to follow his channel to catch the latest uploads. I'll be doing monthly curations here on the highlights that are most relevant to this site.

Double Craft (link to original video posted 28 March 2020)

Looming Ship (link to original video posted 4 April 2020)

ALWAYS be aware of angular clouds. These are simply clumsy ship-cloaking attempts.

Am I the only one seeing Azazael's scapegoat here?

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