MAD #191 On Magic And Aliens

This is how I do my journaling. It's a unique process I created that I call Magical Alpha Dialogue. It reads as fiction. Enjoy. Or not.

I doodle idly on the notebook I’ve brought with me to the coffee nook in the sitting room. I’m mindlessly filling the page with angles and curves while I frequently stare into the distance.

“A new recreation, pet?”

 I come back with a start.

“Excuse me?”

“You would take up art now?”

I smile wryly.

“No, my lord. I’m pondering on an exchange I had yesterday.”

“Your new dragon friend?”

“Yes, my dragon friend.”

“A snag?”

“Yes. It feels like it. He is not fond of angels, apparently.”

“Well, I’m not overly fond of them either.”

“But you and Aza …”

“We have a history, my love. A bit of a bumpy one.”

“But you’ve never discouraged my interest or action down this path.”

“Why would I?”

“Well … to keep me safe, I guess. This is my dragon friend’s motivation for cautioning me.”

“You are neither their enemy, my love, nor their betrayer.”

“You mean I’m not important enough to them, I think.”

My psychic ground has grown rocky and threatens to tumble me.

“Possibly. What I’m saying is that you are no threat to them, as I was.”

I look at him as I take in his words.

“It must be difficult being a god. Particularly from an overlord race. There must be all kinds of political game playing going on.”

“Oh indeed.”

“My lord?”

“Yes, pet.”

“Is space part of the magical realms? Are aliens magical creatures?”

He gives me a look of surprise.

“Now where do you imagine the boundaries, if there were any, might be?”

“I see your point, my lord. And it also depends on how magic is defined, I suppose.”


A thought occurs to me.

“My lord?”

“Yes, my love.”

“The myths, fables, and legends … are the actions of aliens behind these?”

“Why do you ask when you know your answer?”

“I’m seeking confirmation, my lord. Or correction, should I be wrong.”

“Well, in this you are not wrong, pet. This realm, and countless others, are real estate, if you will, for a much larger community than is suspected. And many would build empires and be landlords here, to mine for resources.”

“So we’re just a property on a galactic monopoly board?”

He laughs.

“Something like that.”

“And the angels? What is their role in this game?”

“To evict the landlords. To give the land back to the intended inhabitants.”

“Do the Annunakene want this planet all to themselves?”

“Only as conscientious caretakers, my love. As property managers.”

He answers lightly as if he plays with me.


“Really? Are you seeking confirmation again?”

“I guess so, my lord. So … the goddess who placed humanity upon this world?”

He nods once.

“And she is as real as you and I, and not as a numinous being?”

“Oh, she is a numinous being alright. And she is as real as you and I. She comes from an ancient and advanced race who are the ancestors and architects of much life in the cosmos.”

“Yet there is a mystical source of life even beyond this race?”

“Correct. But the ultimate source of life is a sentient dreamer without form. The dreams manifest as Eitr, or Æther which is then used by the creator gods to design and shape life.”

“Hmm. That’s most fascinating. I really appreciate your patience with all my questions, my lord. May I ask one more?”

“Go on.”

“Can I confirm, then, that there really is no difference between the supernatural, extra-terrestrial, inter-dimensional and magical realms, my lord?”

“None. Each labelling brings its own set of filters, which reveal different characteristics. Like how your world’s satellite telescopes use a range of filters from ultraviolet to infrared to gather information about other galaxies.”

“And also by crossing discipline boundaries, I suppose, like hearing the music of plants grow.”

“Really, my love? Plants make music as they grow?”

I look hard at him to see if he teases. There is indeed mischief in his eyes. I respond with a tight smile and continue.

“My preferred gaze is upon the Mythic tales of this planet. Then I put the Alien filter over it. But in the end, it comes back down to each of us, my lord. How our consciousness is shaped by these events, which then shape our lives and our culture, and our understanding of ourselves.”

“Magic girl! I suspect you’re training to be a god!”

He smiles with a gentle tease.

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