Sense8: The Secret Human Species

I love coming back to this clip from time to time, just to ponder it against what I've learned and concluded for myself, to see if I still think the same. 

Hive mind or not? This is at the heart of my musings. 

Because, frankly, Hive Mind is creepy AF to me, and I feel the resistance to it at the deepest cellular level of my physical being.

Jonas: Watch a flock of birds or a shoal of fish move as one... and you glimpse where we came from. Ask how aspen trees feel trauma hundreds of miles apart, or how a mushroom can understand the needs of a forest... you'd begin to grasp what we are. Our kind has been here since the beginning. In all likelihood, we were the beginning. What I want... is to make sure we're there at the end. But if there's another species of Homo sapien, how can it be a secret? Secrets are important to their species. Secrets are the center of their identities, of their societies. Secrets maintain their hierarchies. To reveal this secret, that there is another kind of human, one whose existence threatens the very fundament of their reality... No... they'll never allow that.

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