Tartaria Debunking: Dresden Example

This is a curation of a well-crafted Twitter thread: https://twitter.com/Culture_Crit/status/1725898935154225571

Whenever they tell you it can't be done in the modern age, show them Dresden.

What's been achieved in Dresden is the most inspiring architectural feat for decades. Everything you see in the bottom image was built, from scratch, in the last 20 years.

The city was a gem of German Baroque architecture, completely levelled by Allied bombings during WW2 - more than 80% of the buildings in the historic city center were either damaged or totally destroyed. 

Heartbreakingly, the wonderful Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady) lay in rubble for decades, under the East German communist regime which refused to rebuild it. It was left in a pile as a "memorial against war" for 50 years. When the Berlin Wall finally fell, the people endeavored to bring it back.

Work began in 1993 to piece the church back together, brick by brick; every stone in the pile was sorted and carried off to be analyzed. Except for the brand new dome, it was reconstructed using as much original stone as possible, to the exact specifications of the original (as much as could be pieced together from old photographs).

The work took 11 years, and in 2005, the Frauenkirche was reconsecrated - rising like a phoenix from the ashes. It was finished one year ahead of schedule and just in time for the city's 800-year anniversary celebrations.

In a remarkable gesture, the gilded orb and cross atop the new dome were crafted by an English goldsmith -  whose father partook in the bombing of the city in 1945.

Images and Comments from the thread

This is all completely brand new. A lesson in revivalist architecture.

All reconstructed in recent years

Reconstructed between 1986 and 2013

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