Epic Times Require Epic Actions

What’s driving you to despair these days? What’s making you feel like your life and the future is out of control.

It does look pretty bleak out there, doesn’t it?

My intention is to offer a message and a path to hope and …. Peace? Power? Strength? … for both yourself and for the people around you who you love, cherish, and value.

I want you to be a vortex of the power of goodness. I want you to choose and COMMIT to the side of moral decency, virtue, Truth of your creation, wholeness, radiance, honour, of incorruptible character, dignity, noble.

Epic times require epic actions.

Be the stillness in the storm. Be the vortex that draws on higher powers and makes them manifest in the world through the honour of your actions and reputation.

Be one of the good people that Angels search for in the city of Sodom and Gomorrah so that  God doesn’t destroy these cities with his wrath.

This cannot be a movement of many. This can only be an individual recalibration that each of us takes responsibility for.

Remember … what you take away with you once you leave this body behind.

Refuse them the victory of destroying yourself. For that is exactly what they want.

Your biggest act of rebellion in times like these is not in social violence but in reclaiming your nobility of character to become immune to the mind-messing from all directions.

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