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Recently I went down the Orion Wars rabbit hole and landed precisely where was necessary, so that whole new layers of insight were revealed. 

As is often the case, I knew many of the 'dots' already but hadn't connected them into a cohesive narrative. I ended up at the Pleiadian Knowledge Facebook site and downloaded some transcripts. One, in particular, held the keys that rocked my world. (It happens a lot ... I love it!) 

I don't tend to get caught up in the details of the narrative because they will undoubtedly vary from each storyteller's reality, perspective and agenda. Instead, I read for the message, the principles, the core teaching. So whether this is a factually accurate or a fuzzy allegorical account is irrelevant to me. 

The messages that excited me are in the extracts below. I've added a link to the source document.

Source Document (PDF on FB Post)

Notes and Comments

1. Laboratory genetic manipulations DID NOT WORK long term. 

They didn't then. They don't now.

DNA self-corrected, at most, within a short number of generations, and even within the individual if they were strongly connected enough to 'source' or higher self.

So ... take note here, people.

There is an energetic template in the field that allows for extinct species to return and for self-corrections.

This snippet is taken from an extended video, below: 

But for a conscious being with self determination, there's a couple of catches with self-correction of physical corruption that don't apply to the organic, natural world.  You have to BELIEVE. And you have to ALLOW.

Which brings me to the next point ...

2. Mind definitely over matter 

When physical manipulation didn't work, the overlords' next option was mental manipulation, knowing that consciousness controls the physical.

By putting people into contrived environments that limit and inhibit expression of their fullness of power through applied psychological manipulations, the force of individual belief is what corrupts the DNA template, epigenetically.

The power of your individual belief has more lasting effects on your biology than laboratory manipulation.

Evolution is based on ADAPTATION to the environment, or how you PERCEIVE and BELIEVE your environment to be.

Your genes obey your command. 

3. Implications for those affected by needlecraft and chemtrail (and various other issues) fear porn

First, take heart that your DNA, your biological integrity is self-healing, self-correcting. This is designed into your immune system.

There is an energetic template that lifeforms adhere to. The only thing that blocks this connection to the energetic template is your mind, your belief that it doesn't exist, or that you are not worthy of it, or such similarly disempowering ideas.

Sure, there might be nano-tech external threats. The overlords have freewill as well. Your mistake is to consider that you are helpless in the face of their assault on your system if you have been exposed.

YOU ARE A WARRIOR. Stop thinking like a powerless human.
(BTW, I regard Magicians and Tricksters as a special forces subset of Warriors.)

Even if you have been under attack for years, and sustained physical or emotional damage, there is the RESURRECTION of your true self that simply waits for your agreement.

If you need help with this, I highly recommend the work of Bruce Lipton ... the scientist behind the work Biology of Belief

This will help your intellectual mind to understand concepts that are often presented metaphysically, as Lipton's genius is to present them logically and scientifically. Personally, I'm a great fan of logic and critical thinking.

Begin with this 15 minute video ...

4. On Healing Modalities - or - What Should I Do?

Two words... 
1. Belief.
2. Energetics

First ... Belief. Whether the corruption of your source template occured due to obedience to a falsified narrative of your reality or as collateral psychological damage in response to it, your first priority HAS to be the internal state of your heart.

This is a massive topic to explore in and of itself.

Gene Genie 
(a tongue-in-cheek interlude)

(to be continued)

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