SSP Terms & Names

The Oort Cloud is a territorial marker, as is the asteroid belt

Gleaned from the interview with Johan Fritz, removed from YT but available on Bitchute 


13C Intercept program,  A-Tip (or 8-Tip?) programs fall under EDF 

AG’s - Antarctic Germans

EDF - Earth Defence Force → from ground level to the moon - Report to the ICC through the JDFC

ICC - Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (governing body) … 

JDFC - Joint Defence Forces Command. HQ is on Moon, but training facilities on Moon and Mars (Ares Prime) … big bootcamp. Oversees ...

LOCC - Lunar Operations Command Centre (Base Name)

MCC - Mars Corporate Command (governing body of Mars)

MDF - Mars Defence Force

OP’s (Operational Posts) or Listening Posts (LP’s) in 53 systems around the galaxies. Tau Ceti 

USAPS - unacknowledged special access programs

YNK  -  Yozoru no Kyushu - is the Asian version of the Nacht Waffen → a lot of cyborg tech came from here.

Craft Names

USSS Patton, USSS Franklin - Star Cruisers  19-20 miles long

Helengoitre (?)

Organisations and Bases

Merchant Marine Fleet - do transport and trade (incl trafficking and weapons)

Corellia base → aka New Earth

Kruger (supply & HR corporation)

Bases on Ceres (in Asteroid belt) - Dwarf planet Ceres is the largest object in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.  Ceres contains water - maybe up to 25%, and has a thin atmosphere containing water vapour. 9 hour day, 4.6 Earth-year solar rotation, upright axis so has no seasons. When NASA's Dawn arrived in 2015, Ceres became the first dwarf planet to receive a visit from a spacecraft.  

Bases on Mars, Moon

AG’s - Antarctic Germans - Many craft left earth in ‘39 to go to Mars and Alderbaran (where they left Maria Orsic to interact with inhabitants.) also, Ganymede, Ceres, more missions to Mars. (Operation Highjump is connected to this … Adm Byrd going to Antarctica in 1946-7)

Radiant Guardian  → nickname for Earth alliance. Patrol from Sol to asteroid belt. Main priority is to patrol between Earth and Moon … too much activity happening there.

Radiant Glory → space alliance patrols from asteroid belt to outer reaches of solar system and beyond. Patrol out to the Oort Cloud, beyond Pluto

Triumvirate - oversees the ICC 

Described by JF as 9 ‘mob bosses’ reps from all the various groups to negotiate agreements

Nacht Waffen - a breakaway group from ... ?

Black Sun logo … similar to Wewelsburg castle

Wewelsburg Castle's Black Sun 

Licht Soldaten (trans: Light Soldiers ... paradoxically, Nacht Waffen soldiers)

Astropaths - navigating empaths who guide ships through space-time dimensions according to their s-t location and s-t destination. 

Naval Space Command - an Earth Command system where it is reputed that SPP officers are drawn from. Gary McKinnon hacked into this system a number of years ago … Solar Warden … list of 16-30 non-terrestrial officers and list of ships.

Johan Fritz’s ship defected from Nacht Waffen into Radiant Glory (over Black Goo requirement)

Trip Seats

Re-gen Tanks - regeneration modules of immersion

Instant Education Machines

Translation hubs in walls, looked like light blue hemisphere, and you would hear the translation in your head.

10m humans off planet - at least. Half as slaves


US Navy Space Program 

- Secret Space Programs/Black Ops Operations since the 1950’s

- Solar Warden – Solar System SSP protection program with fleets of antigravity ships since the 1980’s, has US Airforce/Navy involvement

- Dark Fleet – Nazi Germany off world breakaway organizations with space fleets having bases on the Moon and Mars, as well as operations outside the Milky Way Galaxy.  Associated with Reptilian, Nordic, and other species programs.  Dark Fleet has central command which is not German run operations.

- Planetary Corporations – Portal Gateway Jump Rooms, Mars Bases, Cybernetics Labs, and Advanced Antigravity crafts like TR-20’s, Crystalline Core powered crafts with cloaking technologies, beyond the speed of light warp drives, etc. 

- Time Corporations – Quantum Leap Time Travel Dilation technologies bending various timelines to make the 20 and back, or 60 and back possible

- Earth Defense Force – Protecting Earth Space and balancing out the other SSP programs to look out for Earth’s interests

- Space Force – TR-6/TR-10 crafts, hyper speed warp drives, eventually disclosing that we have antigravity technology to travel to other planets, solar systems, and galaxies.

- MILABS – Creating Super Soldiers, preparing young adults for making contact with ET’s and to serve as adults in the various SSP factions as SSP Assets, psionic training, physical strength training, augmenting intelligence, etc.

- MJ12’s Greada Treaty (1947 Greys make a deal with US government for providing basic antigravity craft technology for abducting human beings for genetic and medical experiments).  During 1950’s agreements were made with Reptilians for augmenting the technology for going off world.  Reptilians use humans for slave labor, sex trafficking, sources of physical and energetic food, torture, soldiers, and workers on off world colonies to maintain Reptilian owned infrastructures and assets.)

- Area 51 S4 reverse engineering of ET crashed crafts, manmade antigravity propulsion craft already has been developed.

- Skunkworks – TR-3B Aurora Crafts developed, now up to the TR-10 models being shared with Space Force.

- Secret Space Programs have large off world colonies and cities in Aries Prime on Mars, Ceres colonies, and in Aldebaran

- Dark Fleet base 112 in Antarctica, Black Vault 9 backup world cloud storage and genetic materials of humans, animals, and plants.

- CIA, FBI, MI6, DOD involved in crash retrievals of UFO crafts, being aware of Grey and Reptilian alien presences in Earth underground experimental facilities doing genetic experiments of humans, creating human/ET hybrids.

- DUMBS bases and cities in the underground Earth Facilities

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