Vision: Baseline Human Capabilities

This is a reference file to record standard human baselines in terms of speed and frequencies. So, be warned. This will be a very dull and dry post.

Speed of vision: How fast can we see?


What we SEE and what we can make sense of are not the same. Can our brains keep up with processing information coming in at high speeds ... and can our bodies respond to them in tandem? This is moving into the realm of peripheral vision and instincts ... and lots of training, but even to the most exacting standards, there would be an upper limit defined by our biology. Ah ... now we come into the field of bio-tech enhancements.

There are many beings that move faster than human vision can track. Depending on the speed, these will be seen as a blur or just simply invisible. And if the eye were to sense it, it would be with the peripheral rods and not the focal cones.

What frequencies are visible to us?


Technology is simply a means to enhance our natural human range of perception and capabilities.

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