A Book Series of Modern Immortals Living In The Midst Of Humanity

This post is important for me because, for most of us, this might be as close as we can get to a peak at an immortal culture possibly layered over our own everyday one. Do you ever wonder at what the regular life and interactions between the Brothers, Anunakene and Karistus incarnates, Azazians, Templars, the Gods and Goddesses, etc, might actually look like? 

I consider that many authors have inside information that is presented in fiction format.

And one that is particularly compelling is IT Lucas's series The Children of the Gods ... an ongoing series of stories about a modern-day group of immortals who are descended from one of the surviving Anunnaki (not overtly stated but transparently implied) gods after they were wiped out by a vengeful member of their kind. 

The surviving goddess - Annani - is the matriarch of a LA based clan headed by her son, 2000 year old Kian. She has other children as well, including a daughter, Sari, who heads the Scottish based clan.

They keep their identities hidden primarily because their enemies, descended from the son of the vengeful god who has forged his own hidden society along misogynistic and tyrannical lines, still carry a grudge and attempt to hunt them into extinction. And secondly, because, well, you know ... humans ... and governments.

The stories begin with Kian. 

While having strong sexual appetites, long-term love-based relationships are impossible for clan members because in Annani's clan everyone is related to everyone else. So they resort to casual sex with strangers as a way of life. An unsatisfying arrangement but the best and only option for them.

However, they are aware that there are dormants out in the general population who carry unactivated immortal genes. Except they don't know how to find them. Children are rare because fertility rates are extremely low to prevent exponential population growth. 

Enter Kian's youngest sister, Amanda, who is an academic research neuroscientist with a hypothesis to test. She suspects that dormants exhibit psychic abilities, indicating that they are not like regular humans. So Amanda disguises her hunt for dormant immortals as research into psychic abilities. She has a handful of potentials, including Syssi, who is her best subject. 

The next stage of her hypothesis requires activating Syssi's latent immortality, which is done through the bite of a male immortal. The bite releases a venom that begins the turning process.

For female dormants, the bite is part of the sexual act and adds to both their pleasures. 

For male dormants, the bite is delivered as part of acts of aggression and serves to incapacitate them.

Amanda is attempting to pair Syssi up with Kian, but he's not convinced.

A selection of some of the 50+ titles in the series

The books are written in groups of three, each spotlighting one particular relationship, but which have various other emerging or ongoing relationships and situations unfolding in the background, and which overlap the trilogies. So yeah ... cliff hangers galore. But also a lot of satisfying wrap-ups.

A lot of territory is explored, so the relationships and storylines are not cookie-cutouts. Ancient history, technology, mental and biological capacities, hidden agendas, human trafficking, the fight between good and evil, AI technology, ethics, and much more.

The books are best read in order and are available on Kindle.

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