Media Makers For The Cause

“So, what do you do, Brandon? I know everyone else’s job here apart from yours.”

 “I’m the media consultant. The one responsible for our agenda being delivered to the public in enticing pretty packages. Movies, plays, novels… I make it happen. Like an invisible puppet master.” He lifted his hands, pretending to be pulling invisible strings with his fingers. 

“And what is your agenda?” 

“Democracy, equal opportunity, education, human rights, promoting science and technology. To fight evil in all its mired guises; prejudice and discrimination, hatred and ignorance, etc., etc…” Brandon smiled broadly, his white teeth gleaming in a Hollywood-worthy smile that didn’t reach his eyes. 

Suspecting that under all that easygoing charm, Brandon was a shark in an elegant playboy’s disguise, Syssi felt a little wary of him. But then again, she couldn’t really fault the guy for having what it took to survive in show business—where the waters were infested with predators. 

Good thing that he was using his sharp, shark teeth for the home team. Sharp teeth indeed… Choking on the giggle that was threatening to bubble up, she saluted him. “Well, good for you,” she said quickly. “Keep up the good work.” 

“Will do, ma’am.” Brandon grinned.

Lucas, I. T.. Dark Stranger Immortal (The Children Of The Gods Paranormal Romance Series Book 3) (pp. 84-85). I.T. Lucas. Kindle Edition. 

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