Copyright and Consumerism

Copyright is a misguided idea that does more harm than good in the upliftment of consciousness within humanity. 

 It is loaded with fear-based assumptions that nourish greed, envy, and wrath. 

Copyright cramps creativity and is incompatible with spirituality development.
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Assumptions - implicit and explicit - underlying the concept of copyright

1. You 'own' ideas
2. Ideas can be contained and limited

3. Creativity is a resource to be harvested for profit 
4. ... and to be denied to those who cannot pay for it

5. Creativity is an elitist undertaking

6. Creativity is shared in measured and controlled amounts

7. The world is filled with thieves who would steal your work in totality

8. Creative work needs to be guarded from exploitation by others

This video is a cautionary tale in how creativity is controlled and exploited.

Once someone has brought forward a novel concept out of the æthers that breaks new ground, it becomes part of the field of collective consciousness.

There are numerous examples of simultaneous inventions or concepts that came to people who had no contact with each other.

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert ... typewriters ... photography

Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.

Copyright locks up creative and exploratory endeavours 

The options for artists, inventors, explorers, pioneers?

What capital are you committed to growing?

Financial ... money, wealth
Human ... improving or harvesting
Social ... human consciousness: individual and group interests and motivations
Natural ... 'made by god' for the use by everyone
Intellectual ... knowledge, information, systems & processes
Productive ... goods and services

... natural capital has a completely absent agent or owner. It is said that all of us own the Earth, meaning that it is impossible to even, in theory, individualise the ownership and single out agents. This is the reason that various »agents« emerge that are in fact fake agents for they have an equal share of this capital as anybody else ...

The copyright system is a control mechanism for limiting human potential through fear of reprisal. The designers of this system are the same ones who claim impudent ownership of common resources such as air, water, land, space, planets, and the morphic field of where all pre-reality lurks, waiting to be potentialised.

Individuals are either creative or controlled beings.

Publish incomplete or linger in draft purgatory forever?  

Oh, fuck it!

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