Lair Update - 16 June 2021

I love adventuring between my layers of self. NEVER let anyone persuade you that you only have ONE true self or ONE true face. 

We are multi-faceted beings. Is H2O liquid, solid, or vapour? Yes.

Do mirrors always show the same thing? Remember, we reflect each other. Relating is a co-creative activity.

We have multiple selves, in various layers of density, in various timelines.

Each of my varied 'faces' are responsive to both the external situations as well as my internal will. But they draw on the same wellspring of authentic-ness (yeah, I could have used the word authenticity but I wished to capture a different essence of meaning) ... even in my deceptions, my mischiefs.

So it seems that I've misadventured myself into a bit of a quandary of absence and silence. And the longer I've left it unaddressed, the more difficult it has been for me to find a graceful way out, leaving me with little option other than to say 'oops' as I pick myself up and apologise to my lair pack.

[If you have no clue what I'm writing about ... I've been MIA for the past few weeks ... months? ...  from those who joined my inner circle. Gonna remedy that real soon.]

However, missing in action doesn't mean I've been idle. As I alluded to in the previous lair update, I've been overflowing with inspiration. Oh, the mischief I'm planning and have been unpacking ... in a kaleidoscopic fashion.

In fact, I feel a bit phoenixed ... revitalised after (another) Inanna's descent to visit my sister in the underworld. Like ... literally. Perversely, diving into the abyss nourishes me. I have no fear of coming undone, of dissipating. I've been there so many times in my life now, that I realise I always come back stronger. Perhaps these are initiations.

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