Lair Update - 23 August 2020

Lair Update - 23 August 2020

Much of my recent activity has been behind the scenes, however I'm fairly active, in spurts, on my twitter page, and not so much on FB, which to tell you the truth, holds very little charge for me. 

I'm currently thinking I should be more active on my instagram account, but that might be for the future.

In the last few weeks I've set up a ...
  • Bitchute channel as a backup to YouTube and a
  • home for a future forum for Paladin Warriors.
They're not really ready for public viewing which is why there are no links.

Gratuitous Loki Image

I'm planning to create some foundational Udemy courses that focus on Personal Development in a time of UFO's and social upheaval. I see too many folk who are fragile and brittle who could really benefit from developing a more resilient world-view. They will offer a twist with developing the perception of the embedded Magic of daily life, and strengthening a Warrior attitude.

Something that's always nagging at me is that I really must get more active with videos, both personal and educational. It's coming, as it's never far from top of mind and slowly I'm clearing the layers of obstacles. 

Today I had the revelation and inspiration to create this feature post on my site as place where returning readers can get a quick update and I can provide a personal snapshot of what's happening for me. When I'm ready to post a fresh update, I'll copy and past the previous update into its own post.

Which reminds me, that, yeah, I have to get more structured and organised with my mailing list too. 

It's like weaving a massive tapestry even though I'm trying to keep it simple. There's a lot of moving parts and my attention is already covering a broad area.

For the record, my private life is happy and very satisfying. This covid period has brought nothing but goodness for me, for which I'm extremely grateful. I continue to dive deep into the realms of Angels and Gods, which provides a lot of nourishment for me. I was going to write 'spiritual nourishment' but then realised that all of life is spiritual, right?

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