Lair Update - 28 February 2021

YES! That's how it feels!

It's not easy being inside an ENTP* personality package. It DOES get easier as you get older, though. Especially when you stop feeling guilty about how you're designed, and learn some hacks that allow you to flow through the predictable inner chaos. Yeah, an oxymoron ... predictable chaos. 

But you know what ... they thought that about the swirls and whirls of water-flow and air currents as well. But nowadays the physics of turbulence is better understood. As I often say, if something looks irrational - or chaotic - you're simply not looking at the big-enough picture. This goes for understanding ourselves as well. And this is why the quest of KNOWING THYSELF is a lifetime fascination for those brave enough to undertake it.

Okay ... so what's been happening that's relevant to Lair creatures?

UFO's are becoming more frequently sighted, and the authentic videos that are being shared far outweigh the fake ones. If you're still on the fence on wondering if they're real or not, you better make up your mind real soon on the  'yes, they are' side. 

Two youtube channels that are important to subscribe to are (i) Michael Bradbury's MrMBB333 and (ii) Gina Maria Colvin Hill. Both share intriguing sky weirdnesses that are becoming almost commonplace.

Now, for the Magicians and Tricksters, I highly, highly recommend checking out Pagan Chaos Magician, Thomas Sheridan's recent video on applying some mischievous magic to charge the covid lockdown bubble to help it burst faster. Then there's a follow-up video on success anecdotes of this Shamanic Satire.

Things are heating up and the intensity of attacks are accelerating. It won't be over until the end of 2022. Frogs will be boiled if they're not aware of what's happening around them.

So how do you avoid being one of these frogs? That's the purpose of this site. If you haven't already subscribed to join my Lair, I'd highly recommend you do so. I look after those who are attuned to my brand of reality ... namely that Angels, Gods, and Aliens are as real as you and I.

Until the next update, stay true and stay strong!

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