My Personal Definition of Truth

TRUTH ... the way most of us hunger for ... is more than just factual correctness or precision ... as this can't be applied to humans.

Any interaction between people, of any kind, any number, is multi-layered and tangled. Not only between the individuals involved, but internally within each individual as well. Most folks have no idea of their core motivations and dynamics. 

So ... in an effort to create a working definition for myself for Truth, I leaned in to exploring its opposite.

Lies ... are a narrative with harmful intent. 

So then ...

Truth ... is a narrative with beneficial intent.

That totally works for me. 

The key here is INTENT.

Because factual precision can be used in harmful ways.

And deceptions can be used in beneficial ways.

I would also expand this with saying that those who have harmful intent are in SERVICE TO SELF.

While those who have beneficial intent come from a place of SERVICE TO OTHERS.

Whenever I arrive at these pondered conclusions, I like to test them for exceptions. I can't really see any incongruence, although I may have blind spots.

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