Black Sun thoughts


There are many interpretations of the black sun image and many theories behind its origin and purpose.

When I view this symbol, it feels at the most visceral level, like it's communicating the fracturing and distortion of something wholesome. Like changing a wave form from its original frequency to something off-kilter.

As such, it communicates nothing benign to me. 

Power, yes. Strength, yes. But in a corrupted, self-serving way.

Wizardry. Science. Technology. 

The intentional disruption of natural forces. (and not just by humans)

"But Loka! You LOVE wizardry, science, and technology. How can you say then that there is nothing benign in this Black Sun symbol?"

Ah! Correct. What I specifically see this as, is as a sigil to self-servingness ... de-railing the creator's will. 

It's an icon to the disruption of natural order and making a commitment to it, a worship of it. In a direct challenge to the Creator.

The darkest of magics.

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