If You Feel Oppressed

... that is how you will interpret your experiences: research studies confirm. 

Journal of social and clinical psychology

If you expect to be discriminated against, that is what you'll notice ... and there's nothing others can do about that.

Granted, this featured study focuses on physical disfigurements, but the principles, I believe, extend to other aspects of perceived oppression ... which, let's face it, are often rooted in physicality ... age, weight, skin colour, facial features, mannerisms, behaviours, and so on.

There are a number of studies that have concluded similar results, but I'll link to just a couple ... you can find similar ones on your own.

"Gender & Responses to Disfigurement in Self and Others" in the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, and 

"Perceptions of the Impact of Negatively Valued Characteristics on Social Interaction" in the  Journal of Personality and Social Psychology

So pay attention to all the recent historical and cultural focus on oppression and victimhood. It's so easy to think, "What could possibly be wrong or bad about that?"

Ahhh! Evil in this world plays a long game.

The Bible I use

Proverbs 26:24-28 

24. He who hates is known by his own speech; in his heart he entertains deceit;

25. Though he speaks in a gentle tone, believe him not; for there are seven abominations in his heart.

26. He who conceals hatred in his heart, his wickedness shall be revealed in the congregation.

27. He who digs a pit shall fall into it' and he who rolls a stone, it will return upon him. 

28. A lying tongue hates the truth; and a troublesome mount stirs up a quarrel.

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