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[Updated: 7 July 2022]

 I'm an ENTP* big-picture visionary and
my research and thought processes are
thematically kaleidoscopic, not linear or organised.

It's been a time of cooking and/or ripening, so while a lot of things have been happening behind the scenes in the greater world around me (Georgia Guidestones, I'm looking at you!) What an amazing FU message to the NWO, right?

A New Course Launched ... and it's free!

This particular one has been on my to-do list for quite some time and I've finally released the first iteration of it. 

It's just written words at this stage. But I hope to flesh it out with some audio videos, speaking to certain sections.

How to Launch Your Quest of Heresies is for those of you who have a free-floating sense of purpose, that you are here to do something for the benefit of the greater good. And essentially, it's what I wish I knew some 30 years ago when I became serious about following the path less travelled. 

Where am I at with my Videos?

I'm really happy to hear that many of you seem to like my audio videos that I've put on my YouTube channel. It amuses me that you think I sound so young. Be assured I have over 5 decades of life and professional experience.

Now, you may have picked up along the way that I tend to be contrarian. I resist meeting expectations that lock me in to any kind of performance schedule or meet a performance benchmark. I reserve the right to disappoint anyone who holds such expectations for me based on any past performance.

Admittedly, my resistance is most likely internally based. The expectations I'm feeling are most likely projections from my own inner world. So while I'm delighted with your past feedback, I really don't want to become ... what? ... predictable? No, that's not right. Boxed in? Possibly. Routine? Ah ... now we're getting close. 

Routine spirals me into boredom. The spontaneity disappears. The enthusiasm DEFINITELY disappears. 

Whenever I push myself to overcome my guilt of neglecting you, and record something for you ... it sounds flat, uninspired (for the most part), and just plain boring (certainly to my ears).

I prefer to wait for my muse ... not force her. And THAT is why I prefer conversations. When I'm responding to someone's questions or comments, there is that SPACE between two (or more) beings that is not there when it's just a solo diatribe. And it's in that SPACE where the MAGIC HAPPENS. 

Which is why I invite questions and emails from you. These tend to be far more personal and considered than comments, whether on social media or my posts. Comments tend to be less considered and reactive. And therefore, less inspiring for me. Or more correctly, they activate my own snarl response and let loose with some sharp words. As a Big Sister, I'm well used to nipping others in the butt. (Yes, that is an intentional mixing of metaphors).

Anyway ... I'm not done with making videos. There's a lot I want to say. So I'm attempting to design situations where I get responses from you that I can then respond to. Conversations. Dialogue. I aim to cultivate that Magic Space that exists BETWEEN US. And yes ... that space is just as potent for you as it is for me.

Until the next update, stay true and stay strong, and make lots of mischief!

*ENTP is the shit-stirrer personality type of the 16 Myers Briggs Categories. There are many free tests online for you to determine your personality type.

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