Faculty of Higher Management - An Azazael Project?

Have you found yourself wondering about this symbol that Dante used in today's (8 July 2022) video: BELIEVE ! (and have a great weekend)

With the help of a friend, I was able to do a bit of sleuthing, and it pertains to a Russian Faculty of Higher Management. (Some advise me that it translates as Faculty of Higher Education.) But, no surprise, it's all in Russian. So it's inevitable that some intended meanings will be lost in translation.  Sigh

Thankfully the Chrome browser was able to translate the website into approximate English, and I've cut and pasted sections over into this post so you don't have to go to that trouble just to see what it's all about. Note that there are no live links from the website, so if you're interested in contacting them or whatever, then you'll need to take those extra steps yourself.

The blurb on their YouTube Channel offers this guidance as to what they offer:
9 stages that you need to go through to enter into interaction with the elite and learn how to influence 
Is Azazael involved?

Keep in mind that this is a conjecture of mine, not confirmation. And I consider that yes, he is, based on the following clues ...

Azazael would clean up our corrupted immoral world with harsh justice upon those who have intentionally tainted it. I consider that he would be King of this world ... maybe not as Azazael per se, but embodied as a human, just like when he was Julius Caesar. 

The fact that Dante shows us this training program in the above mentioned video, which permeates with on his own symbol as its logo reveals that Dante intends for us to be aware of it, and to draw our own conclusions after doing our own research. He is good at nudging our attention along certain directions, towards certain conclusions.

Факультет Высшего Управления







Possible translations depending on context













YouTube Channel


Telegram Channel


Link to their website 

Given as https://провласть.рф  

but this might work better ...  https://xn--80ad1akegli4g.xn--p1ai/ (Don't ask! 😏 )

Below is my effort at cutting and pasting sections of the translated website, with some of my own annotations. I apologise for the poor rendition. If you need a larger view, I suggest you go to your zoom facility on your browser window.


(Testimonials in Russian as graphics - not included. View on original site)


What do you think? I think this is a training program for Azazael's administration structure. Perhaps it will be extended globally, or confined to the Russian Federation.

But make no mistake ... we are being given a sign.

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