Sanxingdui - The Karistus in China

"We are the mystery from the Orient. 

Some people call us the Rock Star from 5000 years ago, and some people call us a miracle underneath the sand. 

We are known for the Thousand-Mile Eye and Fair-wind Ear, and the oldest steering wheel. 

We are SanXingDui civilization from China."


[For Dante's source videos, go to the Asturias post.]

Our genes have recorded
the most dramatic stories of humanity.
Our bloodline
has harboured countless great civilisations.
Some have flourished to this day.
While some are only scattered relics.
Why should the rhythm of madness require the footnote of a mask?
Why should the connections between people intersect the same way like branches and leaves?
Why should the worship of divine power be placed in the same vessel?
The answer may lie in the vanished civilisation that flows in the blood.
Perhaps we are the ones you know the least about?

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