How I Handle Rumours of Imminent Doom

In these volatile times, I'm starting to get more and more notices from colleagues wanting to advise me about something big, something nuclear, about to go down real soon.

Here's how I handle such things in my own world. Borrow what you want and adapt it to your own preferences and priorities.

First ... I refuse to freak out. Panic and stress are both counter-productive. 

Second ... I look for corroboration. My fastest way to do this is by searching Twitter for breaking news. I go to any links that are provided after assessing their credibility. Military-focused sources are preferred. Also journalist (real ones) articles.

Third ... I check to see if any of my trusted advisers of the military kind have mentioned anything on their latest updates. They are ...

  • Dante (although I expect he'll be at the front line if anything was going down)
  • Riccardo Bosi (on Telegram, as Australia One)
  • Simeon Boikov (Aussie Cossack) (also on Telegram)

Fourth ... once the validity of the message has been established, or not (as is usually the case) I assess what actions, if any, need to be urgently implemented. So far, this has been theoretical.

But honestly, if there's not anything I CAN do to ensure survivability of myself, my family, or my community, then the only thing left is to prepare myself psychologically to exit this reality, and while I wait, I can provide comfort to those who are freaking out about it ... online and offline.

I do take comfort that our allies are fighting on our behalf, even if we end up being collateral damage.

And a reminder ... if and when you find yourself on the threshold of leaving this incarnation, bring Azazael's name to your lips, bring his presence to you in your mind, and he will guide you across. If not Azazael, then The Goddess or Dhor Kyristyl. You are of their essence, and to their essence you will return. 

What will be will be.

Eternity is waiting. 

A new adventure is ready to begin.

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