Hyperborea Part 1 - The Art of Vsevolod Ivanov

A translation from Russian from this site, so syntax is sometimes a bit stilted.

Legend of ancient Hyperborea, it is one of the most controversial and intriguing alternative versions of history. True story or a fairy tale it is possible to argue, but Vsevolod Ivanov believes in it wholeheartedly. Strange Gods, domesticated herds of mammoths and the pagan rites of Vedic Russia - as the artist sees the mythic culture of our northern ancestors.

There are so many stories about the options advanced civilization in the Far North. Some placed Hyperborea in Siberia, others at the North Pole, and others - in Greenland. Not taking an active part in debates okologeograficheskih, Vsevolod Ivanov simply paints a picture of the life of the legendary land. The series of paintings "Vedic Russia" is the only cause to which he devoted all his time and talent as an artist. Vivid and detailed scenes in a completely take away the real world created by his imagination.

In the past 10 years, Ivanov created dozens of works that reflect the life, culture and religious customs Hyperboreans. Strictly speaking, the pictures are fantastic Ivanov (which is one of Baba Yaga in a mortar rocket), but for many people, these works have become the embodiment of their beliefs. The picture of a series of "Vedic Russia" is often used as illustrations of everyday life of the ancient Aryans, and sometimes even as a proof of the legend of the northern homeland of mankind and the Golden Age. This is another example where the art lives on its own - without a website, attracting fans of the founding father of the genre of fantasy, writer JRR Tolkien and Lewis Carroll.

Now Vsevolod Ivanov, 61, [Loka's note: this was written in 2013] and he continues to work actively on the series. On each picture takes a few months of hard work, but finished one piece, he immediately accepted the new work.

Wrath of the Gods

Vision to the Pomors of the Goddess Arctida

[Loka's note: The Pomors are an ethnic community that live on the edge of the White Sea in North Russia.]

Boreas - wind retribution

Exodus from Hyperborea

Sventovida temple. Spring



Warriors-magicians of Hyperborea and Atlantis


Arrival of Russ-Magi

Temple of God Radogoshch



The temple Kikoboga. Morning

Zinch temple

Sea Goddess Ran Day

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