Lady Covid and the Princess Koronis

Updated 27 March 2021 to include this video ... 

In this small video, you'll see the title of the extract: Meet the ASKULAPI: the Return part 1. It's a long video ... 1 hour and 40 minutes. 

Here's the current link to this video on YouTube.

But don't be surprised if it's no longer there by the time you read this. It'll be back up eventually.

(Yeah, this is an important video, so I want to give you every chance for you to view it.)

As Dante asks: Let's put your open mindedness to the test.

Original Post 29 October 2020

Today, a crack appeared to hint at a truthful mystery, but one that will slip by most folk. I am grateful for DS's guidance in such matters.

For the time being, I'm just curating some material to research in depth later and see how they all weave together. 

So ... curation for now and research coming later.

Koronis - Apollo - Apollyon - Corvus - Crows - Azazael - Asclepius

These are my tweets on my first reactions ...

Below are screenshots of valuable resources that I do not lose incase they 'evaporate' from their original online holding places. 

BTW, I highly commend the website. I am impressed with their thoroughness in presenting their material. It easily and comprehensively provided far more information on the Princess Koronis than I would have dared to hope for.

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