Is Azazael a Traitor? (or The Eternal Clash of Warriors and Diplomats)

So this squabble within the Angel faction continues behind the scenes. At least this is what a few hints allude to.

These hints suggest that DS/Azazael is now a "traitor" and has left The Cause, either voluntarily or non-voluntarily.

My own deep knowing tells me there is a much larger, more complex game involved.

The narrative that is currently offered is that DS likes to take shortcuts and deliver swift justice, while the 'higher ups' prefer to play a longer game of blackmail. 

Hmmm ... I see no real treason to The Cause here, just a different approach. I'm sure many action-takers in the military feel hamstrung by their higher-ups.

There is also a narrative that alleges that Azazael has attacked and killed one of his brothers. 

This is, from our end, unverifiable and a matter of hearsay. As is ANYthing involving these other realms.

However, keep in mind that all these brothers are immortal. Remember, this doesn't mean that they don't die. It just means they come back and pick up where they left off. We're also in the realms of where organic clones and multiple projections of a source character are in motion. 

So to hear that one of the main players was killed is not as black-and-white as the action would be here in our realm.

Remember two primary things about Azazael that are pivotal to his role in this larger game:

1. He IS the scapegoat, the one who gets kicked when the shit hits the fan. He is the sacrificial victim who gets blamed. And executed. Time and again. He carries this load knowingly, as his duty which he does not resist.

2. He is the only one of the four brothers who straddles both light AND dark. His mother is The Goddess and his father is Lushifar. He is comfortable with doing the 'dirty' work so that the other brothers - and the higher-ups - can look clean. 

Now, keep in mind that I know nothing of what is actually going on. I don't pretend to know. Like you, I'm observing, watching, and listening. From various sources. I suspend judgment while I'm taking in information, both what is offered and what is NOT offered. It's just as important to go into the spaces between the lines, the negative space of communication, the subtext. And then I let that information simmer so that both my conscious mind and my unconscious mind can work on it.

It's probably not how offical and trained espionage decoding is done, but it's my intuitive way. It's how I do any research.

Anyway ... with that in mind, here are some of my thoughts on the matter of Azazael's supposed defection.

First, it's ridiculous for us, as the passive 'viewers' of this drama, to expect to kept informed of all the machinations behind the scenes. I get the sense that much of the public has been trained to feel entitled to know what is going on, as if they are watching entertainment and want to know all the ins-and-outs of any plot holes, scenarios, and characters.

Second. Never forget that Azazael's actions exist in the context of a spiritual war scenario that plays out at EVERY level, on this planet and in various galaxies and dimensions.

EVERY public communication from all players has a purpose, has an agenda, an aim it intends to fulfil. Propaganda is a tool used by all sides, either to cause doubt or to win loyalty. 

So those who speak against DS, yes, they too have a reason for doing so. 

Third. DS has never kept his clashes with his brothers or with the higher-ups a secret. He has openly admitted that his style of operation gets him into trouble with those who would be more ... diplomatic ... in their handling of various situations.

From what I've ascertained, DS/Aza is justice oriented and his style is harsh and decisive.

And he has grumbled quite a few times on his videos about how he has been forced into certain actions by the higher-ups that are against his own better judgment.

Yet despite his hot-headed clashes with those who oppose him, he has affirmed again and again, that they do not get in the way of the ultimate mission they are all on ... The Cause.

Fourth. DS does not live a grand earthly lifestyle that appears to take personal advantage of any monetary 'donations' offered by, or requested from supporters of The Cause.

I've noticed this about many true warriors who have committed to a cause. They tend not to aggrandise themselves or surround themselves with opulence. Most of their financial resources go back into ensuring the success of their mission.

I admit. It initially surprised me that DS lived so modestly in his current incarnation. I had expected more from someone of his status. But as I have hovered around his broadcasts for a while now, I have witnessed, to my own satisfaction, that he has priceless treasures in his possession that he does not liquidate for his own gain.

His integrity on this matter is beyond my doubt. 

He might be motivated by power but not by materiality.

And the power he seeks is not to rule the universe, so to speak, but to get things done and to draw on resources to win against his enemies.

Fifth. Could this be a sneaky test of loyalty? A census of who is on which side?

One of DS's sore spots is regular betrayal. In my own interface with him, in a video he made public for a while, he wondered out loud if he could trust me, and people like me. Were we fairweather supporters? Could we be relied upon when the battle got heated and went against him.

For me, these were profound questions that resonated deeply with me. 

My own speculations

If DS has gone AWOL, it is most likely, in my opinion, that he has gone into deep cover. 

His defection could well be a cover story to throw off the enemies, both internal and external. For what motive, that would be anyone's guess.

Have you watched the series, Knightfall? If yes, the character that most represents Azazael is Tancrede. 

Tancrede was a beloved and trusted member of hero's inner circle, but who surreptitiously executed someone the hero wanted kept alive. When it was discovered that Tancrede was the unrepentant 'villain' of this offensive betrayal, he was brutally punished with torture over an extended period of time. 

It eventually unfolded that Tancrede was, in fact working on a hidden mission, that was on a separate tangent to the one the hero was on, but which would eventually synergise with it. Naturally, as is the way with such tellings, reconciliations were made that led to a new level of respect and admiration for the sacrifice and suffering Tancrede had bravely and uncomplainingly made for The Cause.

The DS AHK channel, the on-again off-again hosting site for thousands of videos, has been terminated. It's happened before. It will happen again.

This is not evidence for anything other than the account has been terminated. Be careful with reading too much into it. Be aware of the difference between information and interpretation. This announcement is information only. 

There are two partially loaded backup channels: here and here. [Update: A replacement channel has now been set up here. For the record, that evocative header is from the painting, Fallen Angel by Aexandre Cabanel.]

My final point to conclude this post on Azazael's alleged defection is to say, at least suspend judgment until the full tale is told.


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