Lair Update - December 2020

[Updated: (my) Summer Solstice 22 December 2020]

Okay ... what's been happening in my lair since the last update? It would be easier to show you in an image, rather than words. 

This ...

Faith by Paige Bradley

Cracks. Source light shining brightly from within. Centred. Inspired. 

Why? How?

Uncompromising action. Uncompromising intention. Staying true to my soul. And my weirdness. Only releasing memes, social media posts, blog posts, and email replies that set my heart on fire, which lights me up with power and joy, and which fills me with a sense of fun and adventure.

From now on, I refuse ... utterly ... to deny myself this surge of life force, as I take actions in alignments with my self-selected mission for The Cause.

And the reason I'm feeling all this glorious inner power is because I am not doing this for your approval. Now, if you're a guy reading this, you're probably thinking like 'duh!'. Well, I'd like to remind you that women are not wired the same way as you are. We ARE wired to seek approval. We are responsive creatures, for the main part.

Okay, okay, maybe guys these days are being programmed with a new emasculating code that makes them revile their inherent take-charge, get-things-done wiring, so that they seek approval before taking any bold action. (Don't get me started! I'll save the elaboration for another time.)

Back to the point ...  I feel that I've reached a tipping point, accumulated a critical mass of writings and memery that's beginning to build momentum. Hey, it's early days yet, for this baby juggernaut of mine. 

So I was surprised and delighted recently to have my efforts be acknowledged and recommended by one of the Angels. Not Da Boss himself, but another one.

The 'unaware' bit? Well, I've felt pretty certain I'm carrying the Angel essence, so my bet was on being a hybrid. An incarnate is like Azazael who has incarnated in this present day as DS. Some accuse DS of not acknowledging the incarnates enough. 

Not that it really matters to me. I consider myself an outsider to DS's operations anyway, and attempt to support him and his mission as best I can. Similar to how a village resistance fighter might help the liberators. It's certainly heartwarming to be acknowledged for doing SOMETHING.

And who are the 'ones above'? There would be many ... other Angels, Anunakene, Kurs, and our creator goddess. Quite possibly more. My people pleasing tendencies have a new direction ... not on my fellow travellers here on earth, but to those who watch and observe what is happening here.

Okay ... I can feel a whole new discussion emerging here. Like, am I infantilising myself at the feet of cosmic parents (or overlords). No. It's not that dismissively simple.

Like many, I value and prize my freedom, my autonomy and free will. I always have. I'm sure I always will. It's in my design, as reflected in my astrology chart and my personality profiles. I'm designed to be an adventurous loner.

So it absolutely astounded to me to discover that a growing sense of loyal bonding to a community of powerful beings has emerged within me. 

In retrospect, I see that it's an extension of when I felt pulled back into my DNA lineage, my ancestral lineage. That was about, hmm, 5 to 7 years ago? That was the first door that opened ... exploring and connecting to the power and magic contained in my blood. 

One of my research traits is that I like to go as far back to the source information as I possibly can, so that I can discern its purity, its flavour, its original intent for myself. Before the corruption of biases and interpretations came into play. Not often possible, but I sometimes catch a glimpse here and there, which more analytical types tend to miss.


On the personal front ... our family prepares for its first Christmas without my sister. 

Our departed Angel Princess

Her teenage children are finding their young adult ways in life, where family doesn't hold much allure any more anyway, so it would have been challenging even if she was still with us. I think her husband and I will be feeling the most hollowed out in the days ahead, as we sit over a table filled with too much food and attempt to be upbeat when all we each want to do it to retreat into our own contemplative silences. 

For you, in this crazy time of renewed lockdowns in this usually-social season, if you find yourself isolated from loved ones, do your best to reconnect your soul with the holy reminders this season offers.

Until the next update, stay true and stay strong.


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