My 2020 Retrospective

This is a self-indulgent post. Yeah ... another one! I'm looking back on this past year and just marking a few events for future reflection.

We ... our household consisting of my sister, her husband and two teenage children, and myself in an adjoining cottage ... experienced two major events.

An arson attack on a shed on the property on April 1, and 
My beloved sister's fatal car crash on August 29.

So our household has gone from 5 to 4. 

The arson attack occurred in the first few minutes of my sister's 50th birthday. An omen? A coincidence? Who's to tell? 

She claimed to be an abductee since her childhood. I believed her. She'd have many encounters with spiritual beings of both light and dark, and she felt that she was in a tug-of-war between them. She was a passionate sky watcher and saw many signs of otherly presences, many of whom would often communicate with her. Shadows moved in her residence, noticed by her children.

In one vivid dream in the last few months of her life, she was given an ultimatum to choose her side. I guess she chose. And was relocated into another realm. 

She carried a strong angelic vibe and was committed to spiritual development. However, she never committed to any religion until her last three or four years. She made serious efforts to reconcile what she had learned from her holistic perspective with what the bible contained. She would drive her pastors to exasperation with her relentless search for answers and was in the process of creating her own integrated teachings when she was relocated.

On another tangent ...

I seem to be out-of-synch with the prevailing vibes. Or at least in another realm of experience. The highs and lows that move around the world, whether from electrical discharges from the sun, the Schumann Resonance, or from Media manipulations, don't tend to affect me in the same way as others. 

So, the covid stuff (I'm not going to honour it with capitalisation) and the lockdowns, I emerged unscathed physically and psychologically. In fact, I had a good break from my usual community obligations which tended to keep me constantly busy. 

Angels and Aliens

I'm not sure when exactly I started my journey into the realm of these Alien Angels, but I recall that last year's festive season was a greedy immersion into the available resources at the time. So I suspect that I may have begun possibly in November 2019. And I have been in freefall into DS's vortex ever since. 

And what a journey it's been! Intellectual, emotional, spiritual, psychological. A veritable feast for the soul. 

Concurrent with this Angel-Alien journey has been my Magical Journey which started a few months earlier to discovering DS. I tend to think they're related. That if I was willing and able to connect to one of the Gods of Old, then one of the Angels were ready to enter from Stage Left.

Please don't make the mistake of thinking that I'm any kind of novice to spiritual development. I am, after all, a seasoned Priestess of many decades, and certainly lifetimes.  No, these events mark the threshold of when things finally FELL INTO PLACE. After decades of relentless explorations down all kinds of rabbit holes, I've been allowed to enter into the Inner Sanctum, at least into an observer's position. I am home with my clan of origin. 

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