Angelic Deceptions

Do Angels lie and mislead?

You bet they do!

Remember to see them as an Alien race, not just as heavenly beings working for a perfect god. That's a loaded narrative, well past its use-by date. It served a purpose at the time.

Aliens who have familiar politics, factions, and power struggles, many of beyond-ancient origins.

And we're not just talking about 'fallen' angels either. How many times have we been shown 'entertainment' about angelic in-fighting? A lot of truth is passed off as entertainment for the purpose of plausible deniability.

Now also remember that deception is natural part of life to ensure survival. Many life forms were created with an inherent capacity to deceive - to either procreate or to avoid being prey. Not just at the earth level, but at the galactic level. And 'civilised' species have simply brought more sophistication to the art of deception.

I've written on this previously in the context of Truth and Lies.

Deception is a standard tool in a Warrior's armoury. Across the whole fighting force. Across all fighting forces everywhere.

Anyone who has ever worked for semi-official or fringe organisation knows that very few people ever get to know what's really going on. There's a whole lot of conjecture and rumour-mongering. Folks trying to big-note themselves to get others to believe they know the real deal, when they don't.

And you, little being? It's would be really naive to think that you're entitled to know the whole game.

Expect to be deceived. By omission or commission. 

Do not put your leaders or heroes or saviours on pedestals. You have been warned. Because while they may have the noblest of intentions, it's just about inevitable that at some point they have to compromise, or get their hands dirty, or have to do something monstrous to avoid a larger calamity. They carry the burden of a larger vision, a larger mission, than you'll ever be privy to.

You have to TRUST in the side you have offered your loyalty to. They have a large mission to accomplish that is complex and multi-faceted, covering galaxies and dimensions.

And really, you're going to get your knickers in a knot about a contradiction you've uncovered?

Oh ye of little faith.

It only shows how pampered you've been ... and deceived to believe that you're entitled to the Truth. Whatever that is.

Some deceptions are because you don't have a need to know. 

Some deceptions are to designed to play you, to either bring you down and expose you ... or to bring out your hidden best, to push your limits of what you believe you are capable of.

So. What CAN you trust?

Trust you internal navigation system once you have investigated as thoroughly as is possible and weighed all the considerations against each other. Head + Heart. Intelligence + Instinct. 

Take your time before committing to a side, to The Cause. Because once you commit, make sure to give it your all. Don't hold back on that adventure. Warriors who doubt or second-guess themselves don't last very long. 

So be careful what you listen to, where you get your information from. Appreciate that everyone is a propagandist, is biased, has an agenda.

You will be tested. You will be harassed. You will be attacked. It's not a walk in the rose garden, being a warrior.

But you will also fly with a powerful purpose to your life. You will find an inner resolve you hadn't realised before, one that helps you to overcome your own weaknesses and obstacles. You will become sharper, smarter, more focussed. You will become a leader, an inspirer, to those around you. 

And you can do this even if you are a lone wolf rather than part of a pack.

In fact, being a lone wolf can be the more exciting option because you get to choose your own missions. 

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