The Kurs are an alien race that is friendly to humanity, but can look quite frightening in their default mantid appearance. This post attempts to pull together as much information about them as I can muster.

So DS uploaded this video about a week after I'd written this post.
An interesting coincidence, perhaps?
I'll add more images at the end of this post. 


When I came across this image below, I felt compelled to keep a copy. I sense there is a lot of important information contained here, a lot of which I admit to not understanding consciously, but I find my intuition is spiking strongly.

I'm not sure of the image source, but I suspect it's from a book on metaphysics from the late 1800's to the early 1900's. It reminds me of the style of illustration in some of Walter Russell's books. [Update: I've discovered these images are by Daniel Martin Diaz, and you can find his work on his website.]

The feature that struck me immediately was the insectoids near the entrances of the pyramid. It was this that prompted me to save this image so I could study it more closely. 

Here's another image:

DS always mentions three races who ally together to prevent humanity's extinction: 
  • Karistus, 
  • Anunakene, and 
  • Kurs.
While the first two are humanoids and seem to closely resemble us, the last are insectoids that look like mantids. I don't think they're meant to connect to biblical locust plagues ... or maybe they are? Something to incubate.

An extract from DS's Alien Races Book - you can get your own copy here.

This gold-like liquid reminded me of when DS revealed that the Kurs use an information processing technology that looked A LOT like what was featured in the 1998 move, "Sphere". 

Some tales report that the Anunnaki were involved in gold-mining here on this planet long before they became involved with humans. I wonder if it's related to the Kurs gold-based technologies?

The source video is from here

DS and the inner circle keep things pretty close to their chests, often sending out teasers, and then removing them from sight. Yes, you have to be pretty well on the ball to catch the teachings. 

However, one former-insider provided a little more information about the Kurs than what DS has revealed publicly.

An ancient representation of a Kurs being

The image is taken from among thousands of petroglyphs in Tanumshede in Sweden. Many of these images, including variations of the one shown above, are featured in the music clip for Krigsgaldr by the band Heilung.

I realise there are many who consider Mantid races to be hostile to humanity. It is possible that there is more than one such race. After all, there are many races made according to the humanoid template, also known as the Anthropos of the Gnostics.

The following snippet I came across in a Bibliotecapleyades article, shares some information channeled about non-humanoid creatures that formerly inhabited Mars, and typically went through the usual conflicts. 

If I'm going to believe in UFO's and aliens, it's not a big stretch to consider that our other neighbouring planets aren't or weren't also inhabited.

These were two species competing for evolution or dominance on the planet. A great diversity of species flourished at this time on Mars leading to two dominant races:

- an ant form
- the praying mantis, which today we recognize as the Athiem 

The dimensional setting was in the third dimension and the species represented the Light and the Dark forces.

The praying mantis race exhibited the Light qualities. Initially both occupied themselves in controlling the environment.

The ants developed a highly ordered society with a mass-mind ability, giving them great power as a group, but focused on left-brain, logical abilities. The other species, the praying mantis, concentrated on spiritual development, with emphasis on harmony, understanding and perception.

Eventually their expanding evolution began to encroach on one another. Owing to the excessive numbers of the ants and their self-sacrifice for the whole, the praying mantis had no choice but to withdraw.

The ants eventually destroyed their environment but by this time the praying mantis race had withdrawn into higher dimensions. They then existed in a higher-frequency spectrum but still remained on Mars in the same general space. A channeled spokesman for the praying mantis, or Reverend Race (as it was called), states that the pyramids and the 'face on Mars' are remnants of their great civilization.

The ants eventually dominated all other species on Mars and then turned on themselves as they destroyed the environment. They were forced to withdraw underground but survived by locating another planet to inhabit. This was planet Earth.

Their aggression, however, was tempered by higher law and much of it was continued in the tiny bodies of Earth's ants. In effect, the warring consciousness of the Martian ants continues in the Earth ants.

My intuition antenna pinged when I read the pyramid connection, which reinforces my fascination with the opening image of this post. 

Pyramids have an Anunakene connection when they extended their bases from beyond Sumeria. They were not designed or built as tombs, but as energy and communication devices, which I'm confident that the opening image alludes to.

This video's authenticity is unverified, nor am I certain about whether the featured being is from the Kurs race, or another one. I offer it here as food for your imagination. It's not totally inconceivable that such beings might move among us in shape-shifted form. How would you handle meeting them in their original design?

Now, after a quick scout around online to search out what's been written about the Mantids, I will correct some misperceptions with what I have learned:

1. The Kurs are not allied with the draco or reptilian races that are trying to control this planet. In fact, the Kurs are at war with these races, but do maintain backroom communications with their leadership.
2. They are highly regarded by both the Karistus and Anunakene races, who act as their peacekeepers and administrators. 
3. Their technology is vastly superior to both the Karistus and the Anunakene.
4. They use their technology to shape-shift into human form.
5. They use implants in their agents to upgrade their facilities for strength and communication.
6. They do not operate with a mindless hive mentality. Mantids are not hive creatures, and have no interest in creating obedient slaves.
7. They are agents for the Creator (a female god, akin to, if not the same as, the Gnostic Aeon, Sophia) of this world to prevent humans from being extincted or enslaved by hostile forces who disapproved of the Creator's action in making us.
8. They do not abduct humans for gratuitous research or interrogation. They are, however, involved with genetic modifications and hybridisations to improve humanity's survivability chances. They have been involved in this role since the beginning of our race, and is just a continuation of their work. 
9. They do not have red shining eyes. This is an identifying feature of the Draco race.

I'll add more information on this post as I come across some share-worthy material.

Now ... some more images from the 5th Brother video.


This post was written primarily for my own benefit, to clarify my understanding and to build my own knowledge on this topic.

If you disagree with what I say, that's totally fine. I have no problem with that whatsoever. 

However, I don't debate or argue with anyone who tries to persuade me that I'm wrong or misguided. I have my trusted sources who I learn from, and I trust my intuition to guide me to appropriate supplementary knowledge upgrades. 

If you consider you have information to share that would enhance my understanding of the mantids, you can find my contact details here.



I found further images to the first one at the top of this post, but while they're clearly by the same artist, Daniel Martin Diaz, they have nothing to do with the topic of the Kurs. But I do see signs and symbols that leave clues that Angels are involved.

I work on the principle of storing items I know I'll look for again in places where I think I'll go looking for them. Which would be this post.

So enjoy these further images. There's a lot of detail to absorb.















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