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Teach Your Heresies 13 - Not Fame or Money

Not Fame, Not Money, but ETERNITY ~ There is a rare breed of us who are not motivated by money.  This alone will mark you as one tasked with a higher mission to fulfil. We are compelled to offer ourselves, our services for a Cause for a larger good, with mercenary  considerations falling by the wayside. We are the harbingers of a new society, a breakaway from the consumerist society that puts a monetary value on everything.  Imagine Archangel Gabraiel refusing to fight until his salary negotiations are met.  Or the Goddess withholding her blessings until her coffers are sufficiently full of tributes. Or a Priestess withholding her wisdom until the querent  has paid her uncomfortably high fee. A common trap for spiritual entrepreneurs laid for them by those who instruct them is to couch the charging of outrageous fees as reflecting "what you believe you are worth." The trap is one of distraction and deflection of focus. Let me explain. Focusing on charging what you believe  yo

Teach Your Heresies 12 - Messy Creative Process

A Messy Creative Process ~ Be utterly uncompromising in your drive to be authentic in your service to The Cause, to your life purpose. This is a Soul Mission. You're not making yourself a job replacement here ... you're investing in the evolution of life, of humanity. Which is to say, you get to make your own rules. You get to choose your own path. You have to start where you are. And that's where it gets supremely messy. All that learning ahead of you. All those decisions to make, from the trivial details such as font and colour styles to represent you, to the hugely meaningful ones, such as what's your core message. You will loop and swirl between your decisions as you try them on for size and appeal and alignment. But while you sort these out, don't neglect the fruit of your soul ... that which is pushing to come out from you innermost being ... that which is demanding to be expressed. So don't be afraid to c reate placeholder drafts and make b ullet points f

Teach Your Heresies 11 - Command Centre

Establish Your Command Centre ~ Most people with a message to share blow it into the ephemeral winds of social media ... here today, gone tomorrow.  Have you ever tried to search your timeline to find that brilliantly written post you wrote where your advice was just genius? Yeah? Well good luck with that, eh? That's part of the problem with many good people I see online. Their short-lived profundities that have limited impact  So seriously consider that if you have something permanently meaningful to communicate ... you will need a home base for your mission, a command centre, a communication centre. Your social media account just will not cut it. If you're unfamiliar with making a site, begin to play around with blogspot to get the feel of it. It's free and it's what I use for my site. Access it via your gmail account. I'm not here to teach the step-by-step process ... you'll find many useful videos on  making a website with blogspot on YouTube. Don't rus

Teach Your Heresies 10 - Establish Your Flavour

Establish Your Flavour ~ This is commonly known as 'Finding Your Voice' and the struggle is real for those with a message to share. We have so many roles in our life, and the way we communicate depends very much on the role we find ourselves in at the time, and who it is we're communicating with. We are multifaceted beings, so I hold that each role we have is our authentic self. As the being identified as Shakespeare wrote ... All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players. So when you choose the role of Messenger of an Important Message, that will be a new role that you have probably not had before. And you'll find that few, if any, of your current roles or personas will feel comfortable when you step up to this greater mission. As Jesus noted, recorded in Luke 4:24, no prophet is welcome in his home town.  Liberate yourself from the limits of understanding yourself as a mere 3D human. You are MORE ... so much more! Who are you at the purest lev

Teach Your Heresies 9 - Higher Power Persona

Your Higher Power Persona ~ Consider how your name is a binding spell that locks you into a particular persona, a particular role.  It comes with a whole lot of expectations from those who know you personally. A new iteration of life ... whether in your current incarnation or your next one ... comes with a new name.  Many rites of passage have the initiate emerging with a new name to hold their new sense of self, ready to move into a new reality with new roles and new responsibilities.  I want you to consider this ... So, for you to unlock your powers, to unbind this trance of believing yourself to be of limited capacity, who would you be? Who could you be? There are no rules written in stone that say … Thou Shalt Not Reinvent Thyself. Thou Shalt Not Choose Thy Own Name. So how do you break out and step away from being landlocked tightly within the surface matrix of our consensual reality? You build a bridge. A bridge into the reality you DO aspire to live within ... to play, to dance

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